By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, Right Wing Deplorable Blogger

Millennials believe they are so brilliant—if unappreciated by their idiot bosses—that they should “start” at least with $87,500 a year with full, free benefits, a car, and even more. Like free housing and an iPhone. Minimum.

This is because they are so wonderful and fantastic—as their mommies and teachers have always told them, and—gosh darn it—because they “feel” they deserve it.

Oh. But capitalism is evil, and everyone should be equal and have all the same stuff and everything could be free, somehow. And safe spaces where nobody can be upset by what others may say praising Trump or conservatives, and things like that.

Except, I just don’t see how a 300 lb NFL linebacker can be no different from a limp “pajama boy” who has not got a single active muscle in his frail little snowflake body. Or how math genius Steven Hawking is important as Miley’s ugly tongue or Kim’s fat ass.

And all this is allowed to go on, while the competition is being taught from birth how to cut off heads and live on a diet of stones and dog meat softened under their saddles while riding out on murder and rape raids.

I encounter our Millennial breed mostly when I go to stores to buy something. The service people are usually younger Millennials.

The other day I went to the eyeglasses store to set up an appointment for an exam and new lenses. It was like walking into Sesame Place.

IMG_7695It seemed as if it were run by small children whose clothes were too big, having been made for adults. Even the glasses they wore seemed oversized. The effect was a twilight Zone feeling that I had stepped into a Rockwell painting of kids playing at being “grown ups.”

Even the “doctors” seemed incompetent and flighty to me. They were somehow “out’ of appointment cards and scrawled my information on a ripped out scrap of paper.

I later called in to cancel my appointments.

How does this portend for the future of Earth? Are these the new stewards of life and civilization? Are these the guardians of your children and families? Can they even protect THEMSELVES from what is coming to the former USA (FUSA)?

Why were they created by a seeming “culture” of creeping socialism, Islamism, and One World?

What the hell are these people? Why were they created by a seeming “culture” of creeping socialism, Islamism, and One World? To what end? What are they for?

What characterizes Millennials mostly, it seems to me, is that they can be unsmiling, uninteresting, empty, cold, and dead-looking, like they don’t care about what they are doing and want to be somewhere else.

They are otherwise often clean looking, except for those jar-lid hoops in their ears, the tattoos, and maybe numerous piercings and stapling of their skins.

If you try to make conversation with them they act as if you’re crazy or maybe homeless and need a bath.

Oh, they will “help” with whatever you are buying, kind of do their job, but they make you feel you wish you hadn’t bothered them and sorry that you stopped into that particular store.

There seems to be a detached, sullenness about them, as if they were forced against their will to be where they are and do what they are doing.

IMG_7687Also, it seems as though if you’re not one of Them, you are maybe doubly unwanted and unneeded in any capacity, even as a shopper or buyer of things. You know, the person who makes it possible for them to be paid.

Their battle cry seems to be something along the lines of, “ I’ve been here a month—and, by Captain Planet—I deserve a god dammed raise!

Recent obsessions—accrued to this age group—have fully embraced “make believe,” and made up creatures and monsters such as vampires, werewolves, and zombies—pretty much described as the living dead. Bizarre, mythic creatures, but who have come to be lionized, promoted, worshipped, and cashed in on, almost as ragingly popular celebrities. Sesame Place on drugs. Mr. Rogers promoting bondage. Captain Planet’s Execution Squads for non-believers.

Zombies of the State. A new religion.

Somehow, these zombie-like characteristics seem to have been transferred onto our Millennials.

Or, maybe that has worked vice versa.


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