Shut Down the FDA, Start Over

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Shut down the FDA, start over

By Jon Rappoport

Vera Sharav, at, has posted a piece about an investigation headed by NYU Professor Charles Seife.

Seife and his students probed the work of the FDA, the federal agency tasked with approving medical drugs for public use.

Sharav: “FDA documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, revealed that the FDA has been concealing from the medical community and the public serious research misconduct; including fraud, deception, avoidable risks for human subjects — even deaths — that occurred in clinical trials [of medical drugs].”

Professor Seife (from his article at Slate magazine): “Reading the FDA’s inspection files feels almost like watching a highlights reel from a Scientists Gone Wild video. It’s a seemingly endless stream of lurid vignettes—Faked X-ray reports. Forged retinal scans. Phony lab tests. Secretly amputated limbs. All done in the name of science when researchers thought that…

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One thought on “Shut Down the FDA, Start Over

  1. The real problem is NOT the FDA, EPA, NASA, DOE, etc.

    Every federal research agency whose annual budget is controlled by NAS should be closed.

    After nations and national academies of sciences were united under the United Nations on 24 OCT 1945, annual review of budgets for federal research agencies were given to the National Academies of Sciences.

    According to David Snell’s report [Atlanta Constitution Report (3 OCT 1946)] Stalin’s USSR troops captured Japan’s atomic bomb plant at Konan, Korea in AUG 1945.

    That gave Stalin sole control of the world’s remaining inventory of atomic bombs, when nations and the national academies of sciences were united under the UN on 24 OCT 1945.

    The US NAS came under control of Stalin’s plans to expand the boarders of the old USSR after WWII.


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