“So, nu? How about that Nazi, Trump?”

“So, nu? How about that Nazi, Trump? Hoo-boychik, what a Nazi, azoy?”


By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, News man

The gentiles—the goyim—the Infidel; they think they know about the Jews. It’s all about the International Jew Conspiracy; the Rothschilds; the Rockefellers and the Roosevelts and others (who are all really, actually Jews).

But they really don’t know the Jew at all.

I am not a religious Jew. I am an inculcated cultural Jew. I’m a propagandized Jew—educated in my distant youth, by some minor Talmudic and rabbinical purveyors of Jewry.

And yet, here I am, a right wing, deplorable, conservative Trumper.

To me, Limbaugh, Coulter, Levin, and Hannity are commies.

Well…not really.

But almost.

I am not a religion person. I am a spiritual person. I have intellectually wondered and marveled. And I do believe that I feel an instinctive Connection to the universe. Or to some unconscious Creator. Maybe it’s stardust left over from the Creation; or dropped by the Creator Itself.

After all; we are all made of star stuff. Stardust. We are all really made of the same powder and power. We are all the same that way.

Anyway, I do think we all sense that singular Connection. We either have it, or want to have it, or maybe get it back.

But why am I writing this? This idea I wanted to share with you?

Because, I had a minor revelation while reading an article by the great Daniel Greenfield.

For me—in a tired, slow image like a thousand ton door opening—my minor revelation suddenly cut through the intellectual, eternal prison bars of Jewish Ghettoized thinking.

This is to say, it illuminated me free from inculcated knowledge of thousands of years of enforced isolation, inbreeding, and the entire, overly-intellectualized Jewish Experience, as actualized within the diaspora.

What had the Jews done to keep going on as Jews, what kept them going—and why?

That Question came to me:

What is the secret heart of the Jew that has enabled and resulted in Jewish survival for 4000 years; for what perceived or real Cause have we carried on—and carried It with us—even in our genes, heart, mind, and in the spilled, smoking blood of millions?

Why are we even still here?


What for?

Ignoring possible outcomes of the persecutive, crafty, vicious propaganda directed against us for thousands of years, what is the real or perceived end result—what is our collective fate—the mission, the goal; our apparent purpose?

Our Destiny.

And why are we thus, so targeted for destruction?

What’s so bad?

What’s not to love?

Say…what about Chuck Schumer? Woody Allen? Jon “Stewart” Leibowitz? They’re all Jews. What’s not to love about them?

Well, of course, I’m kidding. We loathe these guys, and others. We loathe the liberal, socialist, ACLU, “New York” Jew. Who wouldn’t?

But—see—are they actually Real Jews?

Or are they some social construct? A social mutation formed by the diaspora? Some kind of human virus that just eats and spreads?

Or are they compliant, entertaining, servile creatures— resultant from a need to survive, and a drive to Get Along with whatever rulers and enforcers threatened Jewish lives and survival?

Who are—or who were—the real Jews? And what, and why?



The great Daniel Greenfield—said this, about that:



“…G-d had created a Jewish nation to serve him and to bring light to the world….”

Okay, yeah, that’s just a little sparse on detail, I get that. It’s sparse, but we know what he meant.

It’s not enough to answer my—and maybe your—questions here.

But, he goes on to explain why the Jew endured thousands of years of persecution and enforced ghettoization. Why my Jewish ancestors, and maybe yours, endured brutal, medieval Europe’s mud and offal, the freezing cold of exposed winters, and the stifling heat of shut in, and shut down hovels.

Greenfield says:

“They cried out against the redemption wishing only that they could return to the condition of slavery they had become comfortable in.”

See? The Jews.

They tried to “just get along.”

They didn’t want to be killed or thrown out of town into deeper, wider, and maybe dirtier exile.

So, of survival’s necessity, they became compliant and attuned to whatever society they inhabited. They became slavishly servile and socialized, living ass to armpit with each other, on top of each other in cramped rooms, like rats in a box.


So, in the end, you get Woodie Allen, Chuck Schumer, and Jon Leibowitz. Nothing to be proud of. Transposed and translated from out of medieval Europe, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and a hundred other past destinations. Where they were herded, corralled, compressed, vilified, and homogenized. And had to try and survive.

But are they Jews?


They are false Jews. Fake Jews. They are Jews in name only.

As Dan Greenfield writes, seemingly about my real Jews and their true condition:

“Israel may be a free nation but Pharaohs do not easily give up. The Pharaoh is the representative of man’s tyranny over the world. The force that built up the Tower of Babel. The power that demands that all men be slaves, whether it is in the treasure cities of Egypt or in the academic theories of dialectical materialism. There are many chains and they are forged in many ways.”

Because a part of it is that my real Jew will never be enslaved. He or she would never allow it. My real Jew lived as heroic, warlike conquerors—alive in Judah “The Hammer” Maccabee, in Deborah “The Judge,” Joshua, “One-Eyed Death” Moshe Dayan, and many others . The real Jew suicided at Masada rather than be enslaved by Roman “Pharaohs.”


And, yet, we ended up with Woodie, Chuck, and Jon…”transposed and translated,” as I said, into entirely another sort of person. Caricatures of Jews—the fake, contrived Jews.



Joshua? Judah? Deborah? Every society has and cherishes its heroes. We’d all like to be them—heroes. That’s part of the power of myth; it shows a way to be. Myth demonstrates genetically imbued goals and how to behave. Racial, tribal, and national personification. But that’s only a part of the storied Jews.

Similar to my military comparisons, but not what I actually meant, Daniel Greenfield apparently believes it all has to do with the “redemption” of Israel, which I think he views as a final victorious rising against all attackers—and he says this, about that:

“The redemption of G-d is the destruction of the tyranny of man. It is the miracle that shows that no matter how the chains are forged, they can be broken and no matter how strong the sword, it can be shattered. The culmination of the first age of the history of the world which will reach its close with the final redemption of Israel is the utter annihilation of the slavery of the Pharaohs, in whatever form it comes in. It is the fall of all the images of kings and leaders men have set up to worship. It is the destruction of all privilege and power that has set itself up in place of G-d….

“…And when the final redemption comes, the graves too shall give up their dead.”

I take this to mean that when the final rising of Israel ultimately and forever eliminates its enemies on the battlefield, and in the boardroom, and in the universities, and in New York coffee shops—then, the final purpose and goal of the Jews and Israel will be achieved.

Israel risen and defiant.

Yeah, but, no—yeah, it could happen, but, no, it wouldn’t be forever.

No, because Pharaoh and the Deep State and the One World will not—never, ever—countenance or agree to anything that tries to usurp their views, goals, or power.   The forces that run this planet are genetically endemic to Humankind. They are human. (“Space Lizard Kings” aside, okay?)

These human forces have been trying to control humanity and “perfect humanity,” for as long as can be read or remembered. It is a curse of cities, kings, laws, and their enforcers.

So. What is my real Jew, and what is he or she supposed to really be doing?
The answer is simple. The Jew is a thorn in the greasy, gritty paw of Humanity. Its rulers, kings, and enforcers.

The Jew is a reminder. A place holder.

The Jew is eternal because the Jew exists to ask the eternal question: what are we supposed to do here? Something eternal needs no reason; needs no memory; needs no guide.

All of the obsessively minute Talmudic and Torah studies, and the “Books” studies, and everything else the Jew has seemingly, fanatically written, discussed, debated, and preserved in the ghettoes and shtettles over thousands of years—it all comes down to the one, basic, ethereal question.

What are we supposed to do, here, with our brief, allowed time alive?

And what the Jew really is—and what the Jew really does—is exactly that. The Jew keeps asking that question, and other questions that eternally challenge and threaten Order.

“Order.” That would be the fashonably recognized order of the time and place where the Jew is.

The Jew is a goad, a warning, a challenge to the established order of the day—whatever sense of order happens to be in temporary fashion in any given era and place. Whatever year and country. Whatever time, and state, city, or village.

It’s the Jew’s destiny to ask questions, take names, and kick ass. Nobody likes this.

In some places, it’s called, “morality.”

My real Jew is moral. My real Jew won’t stand for kings, rulers, enforcers, or Systems that repress and enslave. My real Jew is not one of the beloved, multi-millionaire, lying news mouths on TV. My real Jew is not some deluded Snowflake trying to shut down a college campus. My real Jew does not make films extolling the “good points” of sex, drugs, violence, Marxism or Communism.

The fake Jew tries to just get along with all that is wrong in the world. Try to be entertaining and welcomed. The fake Jew will go so far as to accuse and eliminate a fellow Jew—the real Jew.

On the other hand, the real Jew tolerates none of this. The real Jew stands up and asks to Power:

Just what the hell are you doing?”

And then the real Jew proposes an unwelcome solution. And is persecuted or destroyed.

The real Jew is an eternal wanderer; a blazing soul seeking truth, justice, and what used to be the American Way. The real Jew has forgotten why. Like the Creator of the universe, the real Jew does not seem conscious of his mission. Because he and it are eternal. Put there by a Creator.

It’s the real Jew’s destiny. It’s the draw and power of Destiny that drives and empowers the real Jew.

It’s a goal of what’s human.

For our own humanity.

For all of Humanity.

❌ By The Way:

** Here is Stephane Curtois’ breakdown of (Liberalism’s beloved and worshipped) Communism—a compendium of world-wide, communist murder in the name of Communism:
▪ 65 million in the People’s Republic of China
▪ 20 million in the Soviet Union
▪ 2 million in Cambodia
▪ 2 million in North Korea
▪ 1.7 million in Ethiopia
▪ 1.5 million in Afghanistan
▪ 1 million in the Eastern Bloc
▪ 1 million in Vietnam
▪ 150,000 in Latin America
▪ 10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power.”



4 thoughts on “WHY THE JEW?

  1. Superb. Needs to be read by Jew and JINO alike. Naturally, one will comprehend and the other wiil just shrug his narrow shoulders, We Jews have an enemy within. We went to a website which streamed a service from a well known temple in NYC. (I know. This was my first mistake.) The sermon, sadly, was on a favorite topic of the obviously leftist members of this congregation…..gun control. We were looking for spiritual nourishment and got leftist propaganda. In our crazy world, I fear that if I need surgery I’ll be lying on the operating table and instead of surgeon in will walk Martha Stewart with a spatula. The answer to this moral madness is to remember your words that we are eternal and put here by God.


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