“Who Is David Frum?”

The NRA And David Frum



By Jeffrey A Friedberg, News Man

May, 6, 2017


I don’t actually know who Davcid Frum is. I’ve seen the name around but never read anything by him, or about him, apparently because he’s irrelelvant to me. But Rush Limbaugh seems to know about Mr. Frum.

Rush Limbaugh:

“Frum remains a guest on Democrat talk shows because he wrote a phrase for a George Bush speech during the first term. It is said that David Frum came up with the slogan ‘axis of evil.’ So David Frum wrote three words, and for that he has guest emeritus status. Well, that plus he frequently rips conservatives. He’s from the ‘Reagan is over’ crowd, the ‘era of Reagan is over’ crowd. So he was on a television network not to be named last night, and he was asked about something that Newt Gingrich said. It doesn’t really matter what he was asked. It’s his answer. Basically the question was: ‘What do you think is Gingrich’s consideration here? Is he trying to get an edge on a possible rival?”

There seems to be a current Outrage concerning David Frum, because, on May 5, 2017, David Frum tweeted that “the message” of Cinco de Mayo is that, in his view: repelling tyranny requires a “proper army” rather than “a bunch of NRA members.”

Frum’s Tweet: 


Breitbart Said:

“Frum sent this tweet exactly one week after numerous speakers at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum reaffirmed our Founding Fathers’ intention that U.S. citizens were armed to repel a tyranny. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) stressed this message when reminding NRA members why the right to keep and bear arms is so important.”

Ted Cruze Said:

“When the Second Amendment was drafted it wasn’t about hunting. Hunting is a lot of fun. In Texas I enjoy hunting. Target shooting is great fun. The Second Amendment is not about target shooting either. The reason the Second Amendment is in the Bill of Rights is because the Second Amendment reflects the fundamental right of each and every one of us to protect our homes and our families and our children from anyone that would seek to do them harm. And the Second Amendment was also designed as a check on government tyranny. That an armed citizenry is a free and independent citizenry empowered to defend our fundamental liberties.”


So, might it appear that Mr. Frum might possibly be at variance with what some might call: Truth, Justice, and the American Way? 

Am I right? And just who is he, anyway?

Just who is Mr. David Frum? From what I see online, he seems to be “a Canadian American,” born to a Canadian mother. Does he have some sort of dual citizenship?

Wikipedia Says:

“David J. Frum (/ˈfrʌm/; born June 30, 1960) is a Canadian-American neoconservative[3] political commentator. A speechwriter for President George W. Bush, Frum later became the author of the first “insider” book about the Bush presidency.[4] He is a senior editor at The Atlantic and also a CNN contributor. He serves on the board of directors of the Republican Jewish Coalition,[5] the British think tank Policy Exchange, the anti-drug policy group Smart Approaches to Marijuana, and as vice chairman and an associate fellow of the R Street Institute.[6]

“Frum is the son of Canadian journalist Barbara Frum….”

“…Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to a Jewish family,[1] Frum is the son of the late Barbara Frum (née Rosberg), a well-known, New York-born journalist and broadcaster in Canada, and the late Murray Frum, a dentist, who later became a real estate developer, philanthropist and art collector. His father’s parents immigrated from Poland to Toronto in 1930.[7] Frum’s sister, Linda Frum, is a member of the Senate of Canada.

“Frum is married to the writer Danielle Crittenden, the stepdaughter of former Toronto Sun editor Peter Worthington. The couple has three children.[8]

“He is a distant cousin of economist Paul Krugman.”

So, then…it seems to say that he’s an American. Of Canadian birth. He’s a “Canadian-American.” Born in “Canada to a Jewish family…son of the late Barbara Frum (née Rosberg), a well-known, New York-born journalist….”

Seems open and closed.

Oh… and he happens to be a “cousin of economist Paul Krugman,” but it’s okay, because, “He is a distant cousin of economist Paul Krugman.”


Breitbart’s, Great AWR Hawkins, Says:

“Looked at in another light, Frum’s tweet is reminiscent of the kind of haughty statements made by British military leadership during the American Revolution. After all, that was a war in which new world colonists–largely unorganized and without military training, particularly in the South–rose up to defeat a well-ordered and fully militarized British Army. Their motivation was freedom through victory; they were determined to cast off the yoke of King George III, with its myriad taxations and the subsequent deprivation of liberty.

“The NRA’s fight is likewise a fight for freedom–and it is one they are winning. Commentators like Frum and would-be despots who believe the American people are willing to trade their freedom for an overbearing government have missed, not only the last 10 years of the NRA’s expansion in members and power, but law-abiding American gun owners’ determination to live in liberty’s shadow.

“AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and host of Bullets with AWR Hawkins, a Breitbart News podcast. He is also the political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at awrhawkins@breitbart.com.”

Now I know a little about who Mr. david Frum reportedly is.

But does he know who I am?

Does he know who you are?

I’m a member of the NRA. But you don’t have to be a member of the NRA to believe in truth, justice, and the American way. You only have to live it and be it. You can even feel it too, if you like.

But, it seems some don’t understand that the Kraken has awakened.

That the Genie is loose. That the Sleeping Colossus is now awake and aware of what has been done to America. What has been worked on the soul of America and its people, by dire, evil, unsympathetic and envious intelligences.

By the Deep State, and around the world.

By Marxist-Socialist, Islamist, One-World, foreign billionaires and trillionaires who have tried to belittle, paralyze, and cut the head off of America. By their enablers and abettors—the filthy, agendized, self-aggrandizing politicians and multi-millionaire, talking News faces and “entertainers.”

By pornographic, drug-doped film makers. By kneeling athletes, and vacuous, stupid “singers.” By “comedians,” who never were funny to us, and still aren’t.

And by the other left wing, “progressive,” Elitist forces and flunkies, who are rampant in the streets, bricks, halls, and universities of America.


Land Of The Free. Home Of The Brave. From Sea To Shining Sea. Full of secluded, hidden forests, mountains, valleys, hills, and deserts where people still pay attention to the directions from which the sun rises and sets, which way the wind blows in, and from what directions animals walk.

People like Mr. Davind Frum—in this Nature context—don’t seem to realize that all things living are connected by the wind, the sun, and the land. That if you disturb a part of it, then you disturb all of it.

Some don’t seem to realize that time is not a wrist-watch; that religion is not just on Sunday; that the humanity of Humanity will always win.

That articfial constructs and spurious arguments have ZERO, to do with being human, alive, and freed by a Creator.

Freedom cannot be “granted,” or enchained, by a State, and its enablers, and its Enforcers.



Freedom is born feee, in every human being.

And it comes free, along with the body and the soul.

And, as most would defend their body and soul—so sometimes could Freedom be upheld and defended, by the Freed, themselves.

Not by an all-controlling, all-powerful, humanity-limiting State—who would likely do ANYthing to preserve its own self, institutions, laws, politicians, enablers, enforcers, and the viral malignancy of a failed, elitist-run, “paradisiacal,” Socialist, Oneness. And the “folks” who believe they belong to it.


Memo to the False Matrix Of The One World State:

I choose the red pill.

Morpheus: This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. (The Matrix, 1999.)

But what you may not realize, is that we are Legion.

And that we have awakened to your lies and the false realities you weave, and cast, and sing, and act, and buttress with the power of the State—all around us.

That you can’t stop us.

And that you can’t end us.

Not ever.








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