House Investigates If OBAMA “undermined….” Or “…jeopardized US National Security….”



By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, Conservative News Man

May 7, 2017

This supplements my recent prior article, of May 5, 2017,  “How Obama Helped Finance Iran’s War Machine And Imperile America.LINK.

Excerpt, From POLITICO:

House oversight panel to investigate Iran deal. 

Citing POLITICO report, Chaffetz asks for details on 21 cases in which charges or warrants were dropped.

Josh Meyer, 05/05/17, 05:05 PM EDT

Citing a POLITICO investigation, Republican leaders of the House oversight committee said Friday they have launched a sweeping investigation into whether the Obama administration, in trying to win support for a nuclear deal and prisoner swap with Tehran last year, undermined an ambitious U.S. counterproliferation effort to thwart Iranian weapons trafficking networks.

Also in response to the POLITICO investigation, 13 Republican senators have demanded answers about whether the Obama administration jeopardized U.S. national security as a result of its protracted top-secret negotiations with Tehran, and then misled the American public when disclosing the terms of the two deals in January 2016.

The House and Senate lawmakers cited various portions of an April 24 report by POLITICO that found that the Obama administration, through actions in some cases and inaction in others, significantly hampered a much-touted federal law enforcement effort known as the National Counterproliferation Initiative at a time when it was making unprecedented headway in thwarting Iran’s illicit weapons proliferation activities.

The POLITICO investigation also reported that during their public rollout of the two deals, Obama and other key administration officials downplayed the threat posed by the Iranian traffickers they were freeing as part of the swap that also freed five Americans held by Iran. The Obama administration officials focused their public comments only on seven Iranian-born men in the U.S. whose convictions or prosecutions were being dropped as part of the swap, and described them as civilians involved in mere sanctions-related offenses but not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses.

In reality, many of the men — and 14 other Iranian fugitives not named publicly by the top Obama officials — had been accused or convicted of charges stemming from their alleged involvement in clandestine networks supplying Iran with parts and technology for its weapons, ballistic missile and nuclear programs, POLITICO reported. The Justice Department itself had characterized many of them as threats to national security, the investigation found.


The National Counterproliferation Initiative was a highly publicized operation whose purpose was to:

“…harness the counter-proliferation assets of U.S. law enforcement, licensing, and intelligence agencies to combat the growing national security threat posed by illegal exports of restricted U.S. military and dual-use technology to foreign nations and terrorist organizations….”

“…A critical part of this new initiative will be the formation of Counter-Proliferation Task Forces in appropriate U.S. Attorney’s offices around the country. These multi-agency task forces will take many of the concepts used in combating terrorism – namely, prevention, cooperation and coordination — and apply them to the counter-proliferation effort. The task forces will be designed to enhance cooperation among all agencies involved in export control, forge relationships with affected industries, and facilitate information sharing to prevent illegal foreign acquisition of U.S. technology.

“The Department’s National Security Division is in discussions with districts with large concentrations of high-tech businesses and research facilities — all of which are potential targets for illegal foreign acquisition efforts — as potential venues for new task forces. Some task forces may be modeled after efforts that exist in the Southern District of New York, District of Connecticut and District of Maryland, where agents from ICE, FBI, Commerce Department, DCIS and other agencies pool data and coordinate cases. Other approaches may be taken in different districts, depending on the needs of the U.S. Attorney and agencies in that district.”

As reported, it seems that Barack Hussein Obama, and/or his “administration,” did cause the National Counterproliferation Initiative to be “hampered.” This was reportedly accomplised by acting or not acting on * *Obama’s side.

* *Let’s propose that “the Obama administration” is always Obama himself. He has the ultimate responsibility for it.

So, when, ultimately, Obama freed Iranian agents as part of his several, variegated “top secret deals” with Iran, it seemingly did undermine the National Counterproliferation Initiative. He sugar-coated and obscured his explanations of this particular deal, conveying that seven of the men—agents of an overtly hostile, foreign power—had just been harmless facilitators.

But in fact they were part of Iran’s active intentions to buy weapons, parts, nuclear, and missile components. Further, Obama did not reveal the real truth, that there had been  at least fourteen other men involved—”bad ones.” These were held so “top secret” that he never even named them.

And yet:

“The Justice Department itself had characterized many of them as threats to national security…”

“…They [the currently inquiring committee leaders, Chaffetz and DeSantis] also asked for any and all information about the 21 Iranian-born men for whom the U.S. dropped convictions or charges and international arrest warrants, and information about whether State and Justice department officials [that is to say, Obama] delayed or blocked efforts to lure Iranian suspects to U.S.-friendly countries so they could be arrested….”

Along side all of these clandestine shenanigans, Obama had been “negotiating” yet another “deal,” so “top secret” and seemingly inexplicable that it couldn’t even be fully revealed to congress, let alone to America.

This Is From “The Daily Beast”:

“The Iran Nuke Documents Obama Doesn’t Want You to See

“Seventeen unclassified Iran deal items have been locked in ultra-secure facilities ordinarily used for top secret info. Why is the Obama team trying to bury them?

07.30.15 7:36 PM

“Scattered around the U.S. Capitol complex are a series of Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities, or SCIFs, which are typically used to hold Top Secret information.

“But today in these deeply secure settings are a series of unclassified documents—items dealing with the Iran nuclear deal that are not secret, but that the Obama administration is nevertheless blocking the public from reading….

“Keeping unclassified documents in a SCIF is overkill, even if the documents are sensitive or confidential. They simply don’t need the kind of sophisticated protection against clandestine surveillance that SCIFs are intended to provide,” said Steven Aftergood, a senior research analyst at the Federation of American Scientists, working to reduce government secrecy.

“The primary obstacle to congressional review that is created by this arrangement is the requirement to physically be present in the SCIF. Members of Congress cannot review the material in their offices, or share it with trusted colleagues or with subject matter experts. It is a significant hindrance to review….”

Ergo, Obama was allowed to “negotiate” a “top secret deal” with an openly hostile and agressive Iran. To this day, parts of that arrangement remain top secret—or beyond— and Iran kicks sand in America’s face, while shouting, “Death To America,” and all the rest of it you are familar with. From captured US riverine boats and sailors, to harassing US battle ships in the Strait of Hormuz, the continued panoply of Iranian arrogance and scorn plays out daily.

To my mind, the question remains, just why the hell would Obama jump through all these burning hoops and pretty much give Iran the nuclear weapons it so direly seems to seek?

What is the advantage to America and National Security?

Well. I can’t find any.

However, on the reverse, there are untold benefits to Iran. They seemed to have learned well from Muammar Gaddafi, late ruler of Libya, that giving up a nuclear weapons program or your nukes can get you dead. In fact, the US Secretary Of State might even laugh on TV about you being dead, as did Hillary Clinton, when she said, on CBS News, “We came; we saw; he died.” LINK.

So, I have no doubts that Iran wants a nuclear weapon badly—and might already have them. Maybe they are in storage in North Korea? Who knows?

Maybe Obama knows?

Here’s why I’m writing this today: the question has to be asked: what team did Obama really play for?

Whose side was he really on?

Born into a Muslim patriarchy, is he still a Muslim? I won’t “apologize” for asking. Because, as posed in my (LINK) prior article, Sharia Law states that once you are a Muslim, the only way you can leave is if you are dead.

Not only did Obama never legally change his name from Barry Soetoro, but, as far as I can find out, he has never renounced Islam as his religion.


“Reverend” Jeremiah Wright admits Obama never renounced Islam!

by 1389 on MAY 17, 2012



#2 “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer”






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