The Letdown of Michael “Weiner” Savage.


UPDATE: on Monday, May 15, 2017, Doc Savage talked about his recent colonoscopy.



He also talked about his reported swollen and inflamed “submandibular” gland, among other things.







I have written about this Master Talk Maven several times and always praised him to the stars.

The cuddly old Guy. He’s actually older than me. Look at that face, above, and below—and a dog guy. What’s not to love?



To me, he has always been the Last Real Man Standing; A Desert Wise Man; a Prophet; and, the Glory Of Talk radio.

In the past.


I’m retracting all that herein, and now.

Now, to me, in my opinion, Savage is mere Ego.

He is Lust and self-aggrandizement.

He is vaulting Ambition.

When Mr. Doctor Weiner was fighting for Trump, he was jes’ fine with me, down to the very last drop. He had an enemies list, and it was crisp and clear, savory, and 100% On Target.

I freaking LOVED it.


But I tried to listen to his show today, for one of several times since November. And, once again, I couldn’t take it.

All he did when I listened in, was rant about bullsh|t, and threaten the berated audience.

He has ALWAYS done this. But the fact is—lately, I, personally, can’t stand it anymore.

I can’t stand his bullsh|t.

It used to fit in with attacking anti-Trumpers like Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Nancy “EL Chappo” Pelosi, the godforsaken, lying media, and the entire, diseased, California Cabal, where he resides.

I used to think and write that Savage seemed dedicated to Truth, Justice, And The American Way.

But after hearing him, today, attacking the audience, attacking his fellow Talk Hosts, just lashing out, and attacking Trump, I have no further time for him.





5 thoughts on “The Letdown of Michael “Weiner” Savage.

  1. You should have listened to him when he was not national. It was always about him. What did you think….he was a “special guy” that lived in SF? That “dirt” was always special to him. It is why he never made it big and was always on the edge. I will say this …. he always self destructs, it is his MO.


  2. Your description of Savage as “He is Lust and self-aggrandizement. He is vaulting Ambition.” That sounds like Donald Trump. Then you attack Savage, who you loved when he was fighting full bore for Trump, but now you attack Savage. You stupid article does not give a single example of what he criticized Trump about that has you so upset. Maybe Savage is like Ann Coulter, another scorched earth Trump Religious Fanatic during the campaign, who now is often sour on Trump. Why? Because he is not doing the big things he promised and instead is doing the opposite. He did not end the DREAM amnesty program, instead he is still running it. He is not advocating any repeal of Obamacare, instead he is championing the Paul Ryan bill which preserves Obamacare and essentially guarantees us all a Single Payer fully socialized medicine future with full government regulation of all of our personal health matters. Of course Trump two days ago told the Australian Prime Minister they have much better healthcare than we do with their communist system. Trump had always praised socialized medicine till the year when he ran and he needed to sucker Republican voters.

    The Wall – forget it, not in the budget. Getting us out of costly and deadly foreign wars that never end – forgot that promise now Trump is getting into as many foreign entanglements as Obama did.

    He is doing some good things. But the big things he is essentially carrying water for the GOPe. This is the joke. Trump was supposed to be the cure for the GOPe, but he is now doing exactly what Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want.


    1. I am disappointed to hear from you almost all of the left wing progressive democrat and apparently misleading “talking points.” For instance, a US Congressman was on Savage just the other day and stated there ARE funds for the wall, but that the “media”: is reportedly leading a disinformation campaign about it, to distract and draw off loyal Trumpers, and seemingly so do the democrat politicians. I’m publishing your comments because we should never forget them. Thank you for those comments, and your very relevant views and please do feel free to return with more sometime. 🤠


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