Activist Lib’ Judges Take Over America

This is one’s easy, and I know you are already up and aware on this, but let’s just go through it briefly, okay?

This quote is from Breibart:

“Judges want to take over immigration policy, and this a subversion of self-government,” said Krikorian. “If the elected representatives of the people no longer have the right to keep foreigners out then the people are no longer sovereign, and we really are ruled by judges, rather than having judges as part of a government,” he said.

These liberal jackanapes have the Democrat gall to usurp a clear, enshrined power of the President of the United States to decide Who gets into America and who doesn’t.

This would Never have been inflicted  upon Obama by these same “judges,” had Obama—Peace Be Upon Him—done the same thing here as Trump did. No: these mint-chewing demagogues would have thrown Obama a ticker-tape parade down 5th Avenue and nominated him for another unearned Nobel Prize.


“Clearly the refugee program is not as secure as its defenders are saying because we’ve been hearing for months that refugees are no problem and no security threat,” said Mark Krikorian, director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “The FBI director just said at least 15 percent of their terrorism investigation involves people who came as refugees.”

Let’s not forget that the Boston Marathon Killers came here as “refugees: Chechen-‘American’ brothers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.”

Putin warned Obama and Comey (FBI) about them twice.




These warnings were ignored by both Obama and Comey, for some reason. And so the “refugees” were allowed to go on and kill and maim Americans.

Obama and Comey have blood smoking on their hands.





The two murderous “refugees” put their bomb on the ground right behind this little American boy, who was blown to bits, in the name of their perverted religion beliefs—whatever the hell they were. I don’t CARE what they were. I don’t CARE what “religion” they followed.

But, such beliefs—in my opinion—have no place in America, or on Earth.

Martin Richard killed in Boston bombing


I propose that these clearly identified judges be held physically, financially, and spiritually responsible for Any acts of terror or violence or crime that might result from their unprecented, public actions and legal opinions thereto.

If bad things result from their “rulings,” then they should Answer for it.

For me—after due legal process, of course—they would be considered punishable.

Punishment in public, on live TV, would work for me. Confiscation of their lands, wealth, properties, and any applicable extreme measures would go good.

If applicable, then, I believe this:

That the politcal activists should be made to pay in full., for their apparent beliefs whatever the hell they might have been.

Because such beliefs have no place in America, or on Earth.





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