Here Are The Hallowed Ashes Of My America….

BLAKE WILLIAMS, Pirate Radio, SS Caroline, 1982


IMG_8465Blake Williams is an original veteran of the Pirate Ship, SS, Radio Caroline, “founded in 1964 by Ronan O’Rahilly to circumvent the record companies’ control of popular music broadcasting in the United Kingdom and the BBC’s radio broadcasting monopoly.”

If you remember what she, and Blake, and others like him represented to a Free World, when it was still dangerous, and mattered—then you know where he comes from—fearless, dedicated, and unafraid.



Blake Williams was in the trenches, when it mattered. And he is still right here, with us all, fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way….


  • Cowboy Blake Williams, X-88.7, KXNM (Public Broadcasting)
  • The Oasis, KOAZ 103.7 Albuquerque, 95.9 Santa Fe
  • “Who is John Galt?”




Here are the ashes of what I remember as a once great country that championed liberty and freedom; truth, justice, and the Aemrican way.

It took only 15 years to shred the Constitution, double the debt, stir the race pot to a boil, hijack one sixth of the economy with lies about affordable health care, change the way students add 2 and 2 via a bogus Common Core, create record numbers of lobbyists and food stamp recipients, make hard working Americans ashamed to be hard working Americans—and create the most elaborate surveillance machine of all citizens, of all time

And this is what’s left: ashes.

It’s all here in the ashes of America The Beautiful.

The Great Evil is pleased with the way things have gone.

There is a certain degree of smugness on this dark side, due to major successes in the hearts and minds of the trusting, sweet, American people.

The “sheeple”?

Maybe that’s too harsh….

But their unreality of  Hate and fear are promoted through clever media marketing. An orgasmic grin on the face of evil flows and dribbles from the successes in turning the entire mass media into a single, well engineered propaganda machine. It only took a few short years to put the plan for total transformation in motion.

Like a massive tanker ship it will take time to turn everything around to the original heading. If that’s even possible.

In fantasy stories with great wizards and powerful witches—magic can bring a Phoenix back to life from these very ashes.

That is, of course, if the equally powerful dark forces aren’t obstructing every move.

But there is a fifth column implanted within the once freedom loving Government. Orders are given from a phantasmagoric, phantom source to so-called, “news organizations,” on what to cover and how to cover it.

Viewers see a “news” story on one network using specific phrases then switch to the competitor only to hear the exact same words from a different, competing news operation. It’s all the same THING.

All leftist coverage slants towards favoring socialist and communist views. This kind of propaganda was used effectively by Hitler’s Jospeh Goebbels in WWII. You know the drill, so I won’t go on.

Nobody born and raised in these formerly United States would expect such abuse of the American press, who is expected to keep corruption in check—and not support it.

These abominations are beyond the grasp of most ordinary Americans. They could never imagine it happening Here….

But, we are in some deep doo doo, thanks to power hungry politicians who live only for the next election cycle. Getting re-elected.


There are a small minority who actually listen to, and truly work for, the American tax payers.

The rest of the Elite, overpaid, and overly privileged political class—they work only to feather their own nests, and they bow to those who really hold Ultimate Power.

George Lucas’s Star Wars was somewhat prophetic, with Darth Vader out in front doing the bidding of the even darker Emperor Palpatine.


The first thing Vader did after swearing allegiance to the Emperor was to destroy those who helped Palpatine obtain his power over the Republic.

Adolf Hitler did the same thing with his vaunted SA Brownshirts—once he was firmly seated as dictator over Germany.

Dictators tend to obtain power during times of trouble and unrest. As they ascend to power many citizens are unknowlingly supportive of oncoming , dictatorial powers, and they welcome the new leadership.

Hitler brought organization and prosperity to the worried German people following WWI. There was a national feeling of pride, roads were being built, employment opportunities emerged.



Had Hitler come along 10 years earlier, he never would have become chancellor.

But, this time—the time was right.

The political environment was right.

Everything was right.

Germany after the first World War was being pulled in several political directions. Communists, socialists, nationalalists along with others splintered into any comprehensive direction.

Even though I am making this somewhat over simplified—other, more important and overt divisions were quite evident. The rich became targets for hate. Jews, elderly people, artists, actors, homosexuals, and others were increasingly marginalized. This was all for political purposes. Distraction, excuses, and outright political lies.

As we have seen here in the USA, recently, a large part of the population—not the majority, but a substantial chunk—will mindlessly protest like a pack of wild animals answering the marching orders of unseen provocative evil forces.

Except for the herd mentality of these “people,” there is only one thing they all have in common; their age.

Some reputed, 98 percent are young, college age kids. Their view is different from the older population. There is no concept of a world without cell phones, internet, personal computers and more importantly WELFARE for anybody who wants it or claims it.

For most of these over-privileged, over-praised, people—they seem to think we owe them a trophy just for having been born.


And now, thanks to the hard work of the socialists in Washington, DC, it seems that we owe everyone health insurance, and other benefits, from cradle to grave.

When will it end?

Where will it end?

Where is America The Beautiful?

Will no, great Hero ever rise from these ashes, and scourge the enemies of America?

Only time will tell.




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