Who Could Lead in Syrian Settlement?



Call me a “conspiracy theorist,” but if it’s real, then it ain’t no “theory.”

Sputnik, May 14, 2017:

The Syrian crisis can only be resolved by means of interaction between Moscow and Washington, Peter Kuznick, Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University in Washington, told Sputnik….

…In an interview with Sputnik, Peter Kuznick, Professor of History and Director of the Nuclear Studies Institute at American University in Washington, said that even though the resolution of the Syrian crisis stipulates involvement of many political players, the problem cannot be resolved without cooperation between Russia and the United States.

Having lived through the Cold War, I tend to look at all politics, through filters of, “games, false flags, and showmanship.”

I have always thought the purported Assad/gas attack was just that—in part—a bunch of gas. Hot air. It stunk. It didn’t ring completely true.

But whose “side” to take? Who to believe?

I read the episode (S1-E2) as an elaborate scenario maybe for Trump and the Russians to “publicly” kiss and make up. They could settle some gripping problems in the Middle East, and both come out smelling like flowers.

Oh…and they could divide up the territory between them. That way, they could cooperate, in helping provide some order and stability to the region, while limiting the encroaching, creeping influence of other parties, such as Iran, or Whoever else.

Doing it via these covert, Cold War type, theatrical shenanigans would give the US and Russia a mutual “cover story,” for friends and enemies, and a clean denouement to the segment.

In other words, here’s the Scene (like maybe in a Longmire episode): two powerful combatants take each other to the brink, but by common sense, intelligence, sensitivity, compassion, and good hearts, they are able to settle some of their differences, and help try and lead a tortured People from darkness into light.

Hey, that’s emotionally Moving! 🤧💨

There’s even room for each side to sing their own praises:

“Russia is demonstrating a more flexible approach [on the issue] than the United States. Moscow is working with those international players who have weight in the region, including Turkey and Iran,” he said.

Kuznick emphasized that “the Russian side is taking quite a lot of positive steps towards the Syrian settlement, including the recent meeting in Astana.”

Separately, he added that the two countries need to work together so as to tackle combat terrorism, climate change and nuclear weapons.

“This is madness, but we still have weapons aimed at each other. We must stop this immediately,” he pointed out.

Along these same lines, I’m sure Donald Trump could think of a few nice things to say about himself and America.

Anyway, that’s how I see this particular segment playing out.

What do you say?

I give it an 86. I like the beat.





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