Andrew McCarthy: Special Counsel Mueller Should Investigate Leaks

…asked if Mueller’s appointment might reduce the huge number of leaks coming out of the White House.

“It’s certainly within his mandate, Alex, to pursue that,” McCarthy replied. “I actually think one prosecution would do the trick. If they could just get the unmasking of Flynn and find out who gave that name to the Times.”

“This is Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act wiretapping. There’s not a lot of people who have access to that information,” he elaborated. “It ought to be possible to figure out who did the unmasking, and from there to go from who did the unmasking to who got access to the information, and try to find the narrow world of people who may have been able to give that to – was it the New York Times that got it? No, it was the Washington Post.”

McCarthy predicted that “only one prosecution along those lines, or even if you couldn’t find the leaker, one aggressive attempt” might be sufficient to bring the flood of leaks under control.


Former AUSA Andrew McCarthy discusses the firing of FBI director James Comey and appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Source: Andrew McCarthy: Special Counsel Mueller Should Investigate Leaks


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