“Good, Moderate” Muslims Did NOT March, Or Disavow The Manchester Massacre.

By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, News Man

May 25, 2017



Georgina Callender with Ariana Grande. MACHESTER TERROR ATTACK


It’s been said, “The ‘good, moderate Muslim,’ is the one who holds you down, while the other, ones cut your head off.”

It seems that the “moderate Muslim” is the one who quietly hopes or cheers for you die. He or she seems to never disavow even the bloodiest murders, or shouts of, “Death To America.”

This Silence Of The Muslims is drowning them…like a boiling sea collapsing down and all around them. You pointy-headed, “Western,” elite morons: “terrorism is not Islam,” as you often whine.

But the terrorists often seem to all be Muslims.

If anybody actually still thinks,”Islam is one of the world’s great religions,” then they might want to find a non-Islamist news source, like Breitbart, Drudge, Infowars, and others.

Because, otherwise, it seems you’re watching and listening to life’s loyal, Islamist, indoctrinated, liberal, lying basterdz media.

They—the so-called, “media”— they have zero interest in maybe your well-being or in telling you the truth.

They have their own, one-world, left wing, Democrat agenda. And it has become their religion.

Lies, obfuscation, violence; and a monopoly of life and living. Another blood cult that worships a god of human sacrifice. I mean—isn’t that what the media does?

It has its own saints, sinners, hell, paradise, enforcers, and punishers. It’s all there, right in front of you, daily. On the news; on Twitter; on Facebook. Wherever liberals, catamounts, and liars meet and beat. Where they claw and eat. You.

Like a real “religion,” they even have a self-creating, self-perpetuating, dreaded orthodoxy to keep things rolling their way.

Political Correctness.

PC is where YOU are barred from hearing or seeing the truth. And this very, unholy catechism, itself, is what induces you to regulate, censor, silence, and control your own mind. It’s a prison from which there is no escape, it seems.

Because they seem to have built an almost 100% effective, 24 hour, pounding, matrix of lies and entertainment to contain and enslave you. Make you think their false world is the real world. That Whoopie is an expert on interantional politcs. That “Jabba” The Moore, is to be follwoed blindly.

But…Trump said, “pussy.” So, he’s Hitler.

Obama and his running mate, Hillary, are the saviors; living gods. Antony and Cleo. Worshipping strange gods with the heads of animals. And they are feared, dreaded, and loved, forever.

Oh, come, on.

But they have their hold on many of you.

—Or more “folks” would rise up, and cut through tthe double-speak. They would brandish the truth, and mandate glorious change—by whatever legitimate means are possible.

I have to say it that way: nicely; artfully.

Or, else….




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