What I saw At The Lynching


There is a neverending squeal from the mad dog, leftist, marxist, Islamist media. And from knee-bending “entertainers,” and relentlessly puerile politicians, and the mad-cap One World Elite.

How do you stop it? How do you turn it off? Where do you go for relief?

It seems to me that it is They who have pulled the stops out and declared blood war on all the rest of us. It is they that do or threaten the electronic or real beheadings, murder, crime, subversion, and other violence.

How do you stop them? How do you shut them up when they have decided that They are the established norm; that They are the the bubble of righteousness; and that They can say and do anything they want.

To all the rest of us.

Because our side doesn’t march. Our side doesn’t demonstrate. Our side doesn’t organize or protest or burn down buildings. Our side doesn’t scare them.

At least, not yet.



So. How do you convince the entitled elites and rabid lemmings that they are wrong?

You don’t. You can’t. Nothing logical or reasonable that you can say will ever change their “minds,” or their methods. Because obscene violence and intolerance and contempt for laws is who they are. It’s what they do. It’s how they even—some of them—make their living. It’s a neverending spout of sewerage, garbage, threats, violence, lynchings, and refusal of established order.

So. What can you do? How could you stop them?

Well. You could kill and eat them.

But I understand that has been made illegal….

Their lies and obfuscations and unutterable degree of contempt and loathing for you, for Trump, Truth, Justice, and the American Way, is beyond any reasonable reach.

The only way to stop them—in theory—or for fun, here, would indeed be maybe to kill and eat them. Well, maybe not eat them….

But, serially, folks, the only legal and reasonable way to shut them up and stop them, would be to ignore them. Don’t listen to them, don’t watch them, and don’t go to their events.

Above all, stop giving them your money.

Their movies stink, their cheap “jokes” are racial or about sex or farting, and the rest of their “arts,” are just modern porn.

If you stop giving them your money, they will all just shut the hell up and sit down.

They are not “stars” or “celebrities,” unless you make them so. The magic of stardom is mythic and mythical. Our minds are programmed to have heroes who set examples of how to be and how to live. This is what mythology is, according to Joseph Campbell. It shows us how to Be. How to be great nd moral.

But the current, popular culture has twisted its entrails all leftwise around these bad examples whom we call stars and celebrities. This is because those who are worshipped and aggrandized also control the so-called, “popular culture,” the main means of commuincation and distribution of ideas in our society.

So, you have the maniacs running the asylum….

No, we can’t shut them all up by killing and eating them. That hasn’t been done well in a long time, anyway.

It’s been said that making an example of a few cowards will make true believers of the rest of them.

So, if you maybe target the main loudmouths and stop giving them your money and attention, then you could shut off the beheavior you don’t like.

They do it to us all the time; every day.

Just ask those whom they hve lynched, from Clarence Thomas, to Limbaugh, Hannity, Donald Trump—and even You.



“KILL THE MEDIA,” A Paranormal Activity, Thriller Book






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