Upon Reading: “It’s about over-crowding the space of your mind and rendering it inoperative,” by Jon Rappoport….

By Blake Williams

Formerly of the Pirate Radio Ship, SS Caroline, In The North Sea

X-88.7, KXNM (Public Broadcasting)

The Oasis, KOAZ 103.7 Albuquerque, 95.9 Santa Fe

June5, 2017


IMG_8673I am sending you this [LINK]: latest Jon Rappoport article because it reminds me of something I learned early on when I really got involved in radio broadcasting. I remember this information because it involves “marketing” and “positioning” an idea, a though into the prospects mind.

The American public along with the British, Chinese, Japanese and all civilized societies with some forms of free enterprise offer huge marketing and advertising opportunities. Look at any billboard, magazine, television program, newspaper, buss bench and even soft drink cups.

There are advertisements everywhere. To the New York City ad agencies it’s “over communication” and the grey matter in out heads can only hold so much information.

After a while the brain rejects anything new. That’s why the most successful marketing is ultra-super-simple in it’s execution. The logos are clean and free of clutter. The brain has trouble with too much information. The solution nature has afforded us it to tune it out. Only the simplest cartoon messages get through.

I believe the lefties in our country have discovered this and are using the concepts with the partnership of the mainstream media. Think about it. The “news” organizations get a hold of a sound byte, they lock onto it and following in Goebbels tradition, repeat the story until the public believes it. Example: “Russia, Russia, Russia”. Example: “If you like your doctor/insurance plan you can keep..”. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Marketing is a science and regretfully I think the left has a better grasp on marketing than we do here in the more conservative camps.

Perhaps we should think more along the lines of an advertising agency when it comes to packaging an important message? Maybe we should take the idea we want to present to the American people and melt it down to it’s basics, package it and make it look even more attractive. There are a lot of marketing mistakes being made on our side everyday. No, don’t over analyze the issues but do package them in a more palatable way and make them attractive to the even lowest common denominator.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. All of the marketing research is at our fingertips. Everything we need is here, right now, written and published by the likes of Al Ries and Jack Trout who published a book called “Marketing; The Battle For Your Mind”, followed by “The Immutable Laws of Marketing” and others.

We have everything we need except the will and leaders to implement the actions.

We could own the deluded media.

We could free the minds of millions more if we just collectively figure out what a few have already discovered: MARKETING WORKS.

Businesses who ignore the laws of marketing will die.



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