The Adventures of Lisa Scottoline and Me


Lisa Scottoline, Beautiful Lawyer, and Mega-Author


I t was about 1994.

I was walking alone through the old Neshaminy Mall, in Bensalem, PA, when my eyes happened to light upon this cute chick.

She was alone at a small, folding table, in front of a tiny little bookstore. She looked bored, and fidgety, so I went over to say hello and find out what the deal was.

She said she was a new author, with her first book out. On the table was a short stack of shiny new paperbacks she was “introducing,” except she had made zero sales.

She had a strong personality, a good sense of humor, and seemed buoyantly optimistic. I bought a book and she signed it.

She was also a lawyer and we had mutual acquaintances in the biz, so we talked about that. Lawyers, cops, and robbers, and stuff. When she found out I was a licensed private eye, she seemed to get enthusiastic and said something like, “You can be the private eye!”

I can’t recall now what she may have been referring to, but we exchanged information and swore we would stay in touch forever.

I think there was an effort at contact, but nothing came of it.

And then she went on, from me buying her book from a folding table in  Neshaminy Mall, to being Lisa Scottline—hot mega-author, with something like thirteen titles out.

Last year I wrote to her, but got no answer.

And that’s, The Adventures of Lisa Scottoline, and Me.





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