No Matter What Trump Had Said, The Vermin Left and Their Rabid Lap Dog Fake Media Would Have Lied Anyway and Condemned Him


…just acknowledging some random observations here, in passing; not really worth commenting on anything too much further….

The lies, by now, are self-evident to us all—The Sleeping Giant—whom these dumb lefties have finally awakened…not so smart after all….

“So…do you see, Wolf? It’s all up here, brah. It’s allllllll up here, man.”


Oh…ho, hum….also, I cancelled cable TV years ago…nothing on.

I cancelled Netflix last year. I was spending more time trying to find something to watch than I was spending actually watching anything.

Lately, I’ve been watching Amazon Streaming on my iPad. There are some not-bad documentaries, etc. However, it seems that almost ALL movies stink, and are worthless, being tailored to “modern” preferences.

Quote me one famous line from any “modern” film?


How about from “old,” right wing, deplorable films?

You don’t understand! I coulda had class…..

“Youve got to ask yourself one question….”






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