Bread and Circuses: oh…those dumb Romans.



This is your brain on crickets:

This site is getting close to zero traffic today.

It’s because “Americans” are preparing for their “holiday” of booze, burgers, barbecue, and buns. A holiday invented by Democrats to “commemorate” death, when on May 4, 1886, a “peaceful protestor,” much like the MSM’s treasured “ANTIFA,” threw a bomb at police, resulting in the deaths of scores of people.

You’ve heard of “bread and circuses”? Well, this “holiday,” today, is one of those, Princess. It’s to entertain and distract you and to curry favor with you. 

These “Americans” I mentioned are Not paying attention to the imminent menace of North Korea, Muslim Jihad, the so-called “ANTIFA” street violence, BLM and cop killings, and Other timeless racquets.

Or to the **Democrat and Deep State and GOP attacks on President Trump.

**Have Any of these Deep State or Democrat or GOP morons stopped to think they just might be impeding the President’s ability to govern and protect the USA?

Does anybody care?

I know you Real Americans care.

I’m talking about the huge, wet sack of poseurs and “I just wanna get on with my life” types. I’m talking about the free-eats, “party down,” and coast-along types. I’m talking about the hear/see/speak no evil types. I’m talking about those zombies who think they will be “just left alone to live my life.”

It’s not gonna happen, Sweetie.

If the Sh|t Hits The Fan, you’re gonna be right there in the back blast, Cupcake.

You may say, “So what? What can I do?”

You can stand up and raise your voice, and post your posts, and tell all those who would see you enslaved or dead that you are mad as hell and you’re not gonna take it anymore.



Tell them all.

Tell them—if you want to live.

Because, Princess, “this ain’t no disco.”



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