Flaming Liberal Stephen King’s ‘It” – Is a Parable for a Tormented Nation.”

The “Nation” isn’t “tormented!”

Just the sickass, Anti-Trump Liberals, GOP, and Deep State.


The rest of us are fine!


Do you REALLY want to put this bastard’s nightmare inside your head??

Stephen King net worth: Stephen King is a prolific American author who has a net worth of $400 million dollars. During his career, Stephen King has sold more than 350 million copies of his novels worldwide. He is mainly known as a writer and screenwriter of horror, suspense, fantasy and the gothic novels.

Stephen King is a raving Lunatic Liberal. He’s already richer than you ever will be or than you can ever imagine. Why give him more money?

The movie is a surprise blockbuster at $123 million. Here’s one reason why.

Source: Stephen King’s ‘It’: Pennywise vs. ‘The Losers’ Is a Parable for a Tormented Nation


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