Nothing Here To Help You Move Forward Into Real Life.





Jeffrey A Friedberg, News Man


Hiya Kids!

Sooo…I’ve been looking around at all the new wonders of science and advanced civilization. Fantastic speakers, new phones, 3D IMAX, self driving cars, and you can splice your video to Bluetooth and 17 other inputs!


So, like, for one thing, you can watch this elite bastard Stephen King’s nightmare in your head for the rest of your life, and send him even more money, because his current $400 MILLION doesn’t seem to be enough.

It’s “all good,” as they tell you think with their pre-packaged phrases. (Good to go! Let’s party! It’s all good! Racist! Fascist!)

…but, what the hell is all this new scientific shit actually good for?

Does it improve health? No.

Does it improve safety? No.

Does it extend life? No.

Does it protect you from crazed Muslims and Illegals? No.

That’s because, KIDS! It’s all bullshit.

It’s all just more bullshit, to distract you from what they are really doing to you secretly.

It’s about control.

It’s about your false reality that they script for you and implement..

It’s Bread and Circuses.

—Oh, wow, those dumbass ancient Romans….






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