Netflix Pushes Alt-Left Propaganda Series »

Jeffrey A. Friedberg, NEWS MAN




I cancelled Netflix last year: there was NOTHING on. It took me hours just looking for something, and then it was unwatchable.


Amazon Prime offers waaay better documentaries on art, science, music, history, and a lot more of the serious stuff. Worthwhile things.

I cancelled pathetic Netflix and bought the great Amazon Prime; about the same price, but WHAT A BARGAIN! Includes Free Streaming Music, Free Streaming TV, Free Stuff, Free Delivery of Purchases, and, I think, even more! (Jaf)

I ask you: why watch this crap 💩 hawked and sprewed on Netflix, when Amazon offers Worlds of legitimate Information and watchable Entertainment?


What Extreme Bullshlt! You want this crap 💩 inside your head?


One big pile of shit

New show promotes Communism and killing capitalists.

Source: Netflix Pushes Alt-Left Propaganda Series » Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!


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