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IMG_7645By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, Conservative Blogger  “It was a religious code…the [8th Century] berserkers were subject to fits of frenzy. They would howl like wild beasts, foamed at the mouth, and gnawed the iron rim of their shields…[they believed] they were immune to steel and fire, and they made great havoc…When the fever abated they were weak and tame….

“…To ‘go berserk’ was to ‘enter a state of wild fury…’ more like trolls than human beings…ravenous men who loot, plunder, and kill indiscriminately….

“…Some scholars propose…berserker rage had been induced…by the hallucinogenic mushroom muscaria or massive amounts of alcohol…other explanations [include] self-induced hysteria, epilepsy, mental illness, or genetics.”

You know who I mean, right? The berserk Democrat, hysteric, rabid, maniac rioting goons. And the paid or lunatic, “social” trolls? The enduring, ravening, Obama/Hillary/Deep State Axis of Evil?

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