I Have Dumped My Keurig and Will NEVER buy another

Jeffrey A. Friedberg, NEWS MAN

Keurig Coffee makers has pulled it’s advertising from, and condemned, the noble, decent, Sean Hannity—all just based on some stinking lies from some god damned Liberals.

Keurig looks to me like they are corporate greed-inflated Liberals too, bent upon destroying Hannity, and maybe even America.

The Real Thing

Not only was my Keurig a pain in the ass to operate, maintain, clean, and keep supplied with EXPENSIVE K-Cups, filters, cleaners, bottled water, and other expensive luxury items, but it only made a fair cup of cofee or tea, compared to the Real Thing. And sometimes the brew was downright AWFUL.

Yuck! Could make a horse throw up?

The Keurig is EXPENSIVE to buy and keep up. You have to buy all those little K-Cups, and other very expensive items.

I just happened to have cleaned mine, just before this story about Hannity “broke.”

It was a COLOSSAL PAIN. And expensive, because then you have to order filters, cleaners, and accessories to keep the damn thing going.

Also, it contains a dangerous hypodermic-like needle which can injure.

To clean it required all sorts of hoops to jump through. And I had to brew individual, hand-made cups of water and or cleaner. I had to stand there and make about 20 of these individual brews, as per their demands.

If you think that was convenient to do, it’s not.

BOTTOM LINE:  NOTHING beats fresh ground, oily, coffee beans in a Braun or whatever. And it does not POLLUTE THE EARTH with all those nasty little K-Cups—which seem to me: mean, hard, and indestructible.





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