Upon Studying Hannibal of Carthage

Jeffrey A. Friedberg, NEWS MAN







Hannibal of Carthage


Yeahhhhhhh…I know, but no, Hannibal of Carthage was not of the  “Negro” race from Africa with leopard skins and elephant tusks.

Black Hannibal is a made up fiction I guess playing into the sickness of political correctness.

(I don’t care WHAT Geraldo or MSNBC say, “Negro” is still a scientifically-identified race.)

The real Hannibal appears in all contemporary depictions as of the “white” or “Caucasian” race.


Made Up, Movie Version: “Hannibal of Carthage”


The Real Hannibal of Carthage


How much more media lying and misrepresentation and ommissions of truth will you accept, as they strive with all lethality to scour and mold your mind?



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