BOLLYWOOD VS HOLLYWOOD: Hrithik Roshan is a very good Bollywood actor who has starred in many very entertaining thriller and comedy films which in my opinion far exceed weird, quirky, obscene USA productions. But get this: he’s a body-builder and actor who ALSO DANCES, as are MANY Bollywood stars. This is unlike the many zero-talent American “stars.” Or—as they are called in Bollywood—“heroes and heroines.”

Yes, Kids, He’s for real—and straight:


Kids, this was shot live, with no retakes.

As such, it’s not really Hrithik at his very best, but I just don’t see the Fast-Assed, Flat-Footed,  Hollywood Frauds, like a George Clooney, stepping out this way. And most Bollywood mega-Heroes and Heroines CAN DANCE! 🤠


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