Pesky Foreign Billionaire Pulled Back—Reined In—By His Globalist Masters. Or, “The Thing From Another World.”

Jeffrey A Friedberg, HIPSTER NEWS MAN – Fighting for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.




Smilin’ Ed’s Buster Brown Gang, 1945 – JAF IMAGES


Hiya, Kids:

I told you here months ago that “the droopy-looking, foreign billionire” (you know who I mean) would soon have to pull back from public exposure: his riots, and onerous deeds. Or he’d be pulled back by his masters. And maybe not gently.

Because he’s only the Face. He’s what they want you to see. He’s their chosen “target,” to keep the heat off of them. He’s the Fall Guy.

fall guy
n. Slang
1. A scapegoat.
2. A gullible victim; a dupe.

a person made the victim, or left to face the consequences, of a scheme that has miscarried

Because the Globalist Master Scheme to immediately stage a successful coup  against President Donald Trump has failed.

As I told you before, these people—the masters of the universe—they are not as smart as they and everybody else thinks they are.

In fact, in many ways, they are just plain stupid.

So here’s what’s happening right now—along lines of taking Trump out.  They desperately want this semi-silent coup against him to succeed, so that they can create their One World, with them in charge. But—they have been forced to pull back and re-assess their failed strategies.

Because Trump won’t play the role of “looking Presidential.”

No. He won’t play their idiot, stupid, brainwashed, media-controlled game.

Because Trump IS  a genius—used to dealing with all manner of thugs, cops, robbers, spies, lies, criminals, liars, and buyers.

He’s so much smarter than his enemies, like O’Connell, Ryan, Romney, Kimchi, Rachel, Wolf, Jake, and the rest of the Global Elite, that they can’t even see him for what he really is.

I just told you what he really is.

I see it, because I have kind of a similar background. Anybody else like me sees it too. You don’t necessarily hear much from them. But you do hear it from me.

So, Kids!

Watch for three things that might happen next:

1.) The foreign billionaire may try for a resurgence, in part, because he must be—would have to be—passionate and dedicated in his causes, in order to have sustained them this long.

2.) The foreign billionire may suddenly “die.”

3.) The masters may signal they are ready to deal with Trump, and others like him who seem to be cropping up now in politics throughout the world. This will be for two reasons:

A.) They may think they can co-opt these heroes and have their coveted one world—just have it in a diferent way.

B.) They may fear for their own lives, because, in many opinions, they can be “reached.”

They are not hidden away in impregnable castles—and they may recognize that their efforts at a borderless world, with one people and one religion, for them to co-opt and enslave, may not be everyone’s cup of latte, and that they may be vulnerable to…well…a sudden ending.

Anways, Kids….

“…keep watching the skies….”

“The Thing From Another World,” 1951


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