Broke Back TV and Film—Or, “Invasion of the Gay Body Snatchers.”


Lesbian Kiss Scene, From “A Promise of Time Travel.”

I watched four “modern” films today, chosen at random from Amazon Streaming TV’s general lists.

Every single movie had a primary or main character who was “gay.” Sometimes there Were multiple gay characters in the same film.

Annie K. McVey as Endearing, compassionate, lead character Poppy, a major Lesbian, in “ALLISTAIRE1918”

Need I tell you that every single one of the gay characters was presented as a paragon of virtue, understanding, and compassion—with “a heart of gold?”

I think the factor they all had most in common was they were all made within the past 2-3 years.


I’m bored and sick of people who seem self-defined by solely their own sexuality. It’s worse than Female and African-coopting was on TV in the 70’s, and 2001, when it was all about skin color and ovaries.

I guess we are currently plunging headlong into a Gay New World. Because—now on TV—it seems every judge, police captain, surgeon, teacher, doctor, millionaire, and world ruler is African. And, or,  a woman. Fallout from the 70’s and 2001.

Hollywood: stop it.


You’re boring, preachy, dishonest, and…well…I get aggravated when you try to force all this down my throat…or up my ass…I guess….

(Yes, that’s a joke. And I hope you ARE “offended.”)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” 1956 – Kevin McCarthy tries to “share” with giant, gay alien, creeping dick by using a lighted road flare. Bad idea….




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