UFOs and You, and What They Really Are For Me


Jeffrey A, Friedberg, Ex-Private Eye, Author, Screenwriter….

Hiya, KIds:

In my hit, international sci-fi thriller book, LOST RELIC OF THE GODS, I pretty much explain in detail what I think so-called, “UFOs” really are.

Briefly—aside from maybe being secret drones, unidentified natural phenomoena, or secret US/Russian aircraft—UFOs are from here.

UFOs are from Earth.



This is NOT to say there isn’t Other “Intelligent” Life in this universe. Given hundreds of billions of galaxies, each with hundreds of billions of stars—yes, of course there would have to be other “intelligent” life in this universe.

There could even be (String Theory) Hundreds of billions—or trillions—or gazillions—of other universes.

Ad infinitum

Back to my sci-fi plotline theory.

Briefly: if you would look up the science and mathematics of ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Rome, and others, you would see they were extremely advanced—super extremely advanced, in science, mathematics, engineering, and medicine. More so than you have been led to think. More so than you know.

More so than you would probably ever be told by invisible powers who rule Earth.

In my sci-fi plot 🤠

The Greek geometers were interested in laying out select figures from their inventory in various applications of engineering and architecture, as the great inventors, such as Archimedes, were accustomed to doing. A demand for conic sections existed then and exists now. The development of mathematical characterization had moved geometry in the direction of Greek geometric algebra, which visually features such algebraic fundamentals as assigning values to line segments as variables. They used a coordinate system intermediate between a grid of measurements and the Cartesian coordinate system. The theories of proportion and application of areas allowed the development of visual equations. (Wikipedia)

Do you get the picture? Once you research down into this stuff, you would almost think you were reading Galileo, Newton, Bacon, Einstein, or Schrödinger,. But it’s ancient Greek and Roman mathematics.

It’s thousands of years old.

The idea that matter is made up of discrete units is a very old one, appearing in many ancient cultures such as Greece and India. The word “atom” was coined by the ancient Greek philosophers Leucippus and his pupil Democritus…It was not until the 19th century that the idea was embraced and refined by scientists, as the blossoming science of chemistry produced discoveries that could easily be explained using the concept of atoms.

…The idea of reversibility means that there must be a lower limit to the splitting of matter. If matter [atoms] can be split infinitely, there is nothing to stop it from…destroying all matter….

KIds, they were talking nuclear fision: atomic bomb. Two-thousand years ago,

If you read their works on math, geometry, and proto-calculus, you would be astounded.

Their bridges, buildings, harbors, and other engineering marvels have lasted for thousands of years. Roman medicine was not surpassed until World War I.

When London was a wooden scrabble of huts, Rome had a million people and pumped more fresh water than does modern London of today.

Rome could have built machines: Heron of Alexandria, a Greek, had invented a steam engine,  wind wheel, vending machine, gears,  odometer, self-operating theater set machinery, the syringe, force pumps used in fire engines, the fountain, and a lot more.

In optics, Hero formulated the principle of the shortest path of light: If a ray of light propagates from point A to point B within the same medium, the path-length followed is the shortest possible. It was nearly 1000 years later that Alhacen expanded the principle to both reflection and refraction, and the principle was later stated in this form by Pierre de Fermat in 1662; the most modern form is that the path is at an extremum.

Hero described a method for iteratively computing the square root of a number. Today, however, his name is most closely associated with Hero’s formula for finding the area of a triangle from its side lengths.

I could go on and on. Research it through for yourself if you’re curious.

Suffice it to say that the ancient Romans could have built machines and developed engines, elecrricity, and motors, if they wanted to—but why should they have? They had slaves.


If you have slaves to do everything, you don’t need machines.

Slaves were Wealth. If you replaced slaves with machines, you depleted your wealth. So the wealthy powers that ran Rome stuck with slavery.

“Modern” America and the world went from having no electricity in 1880, to conquest of the air by 1917. That is to say—after electricity was “discovered” and harnessed, around 1885, it only took Humankind thirty years to fly in war.

Russia went from kerosene-based lighting—no electricity—to the moon with the Luna 2 Lander in just 75 years (1885-1959). America landed men on the moon in 1969.

So—we went from having no electricity to the moon—in just 75-85 years. A mere eyeblink in Time.

Ergo: I say, simply, that when ancient Rome fell, around the 4th Century AD, scattered islands of Roman super-science—scattered laboratories like our modern Los Alamos, Sandia Labs, and others—continued to develop in isolation.

Think—for instancea catastrophe destroys America, but isolated science labs in New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California—in deserts and on mountain tops—are able to continue. Places like Kirtland Airbase in New Mexico would still have provisions, stores, military, intel’ ops’ networks in place, operating materiel, etc.


As for Rome—in my theory—with the fall of Empire, and an absence of fresh slaves, they would have been forced to develop machines, steam engines, electricity, magnetic motors.

And in 100 years or less they would have achieved flight.

Super science became isolated.

Isolation became secrecy.

Secrecy became power.

Power became rule, or—at the least—military superiority to Earth. But it would not be Total, because of the disparate number of people on either “side.”

In my theory, that is.

Subsequent suppression of all “Satanic” knowledge by “The Church” kept Humankind in the Dark Ages until the 14th Century with the dawning (advent) of the Renaissance.

Maybe the Church worked hand in glove with my theorized scientists? Maybe this secretive activity set a precendent for other ruling groups and dynasties to work with them? For reward, or pain of death?

That would put the Romans ahead of us today by about one thousand years.

So, yeah, they fly around in craft we’ don’t understand. Maybe they even do deals with America, England, Russia, China, Turkey, etc?

Who knows?

This is all explained further in my sci-fi plotline theory—in. LOST RELIC OF THE GODS.

Available HERE— on Amazon.com




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