I’m Kind Of Worried About Trump’s Personal Safety….


By: Jeffrey A. Friedberg, News Man









President George Washington, Cast From Life Mask.

The Liberal Democrats and their slave media have excelled in not allowing Trump to be Trump. To seem like the President.

Their daily campaign of slander and libel seems to have scaled him back, to being almost their prisoner—meant for daily abuse and torture in stocks in the public square.

If they could, in my opinion, they would bring him to their blood-thirsty Inquisitors.

They would break him, hang him, and bring him back from the brink of death.

And then they would disembowel him alive, and cut him into four pieces alive, and drag his remains through the streets.

A word to Democrats, Liberals, “progressives,” militants of any stripe or colorations, foreign billionaires, the media, and all others that may seem so inclined to maybe harm the President.

In my opinion, you should REALIZE: it is YOU who may be held responsible for the safety and life of President Donald Trump.

If anything should happen to him—I do not think—in my opinion—that America will be the same place.


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