Hooray for Hollywood (Wrestling)

Although professional wrestling existed long before television, the small screen revolutionized the industry, leading to a golden age where wrestling seemed to be on every TV station available. 

Source: Hooray for Hollywood (Wrestling)


One thought on “Hooray for Hollywood (Wrestling)

  1. As children, we grew up with them. Each Saturday night an
    hour and half of All-Star Wrestling. Vern Gonya and his AWA,
    the largest in the nation at that time. I meet The One And Only
    Crusher, “how about you turkeys.” Ran into Mad Dog Vachon at
    Nebraska Cornhusker football game.

    I also walk pass Jesse The Body Ventura and said hello Mr Body.
    He and his companion just ignored me. He like where I meet him,
    Minneapolis, are liberal shitholes. I voted for him for Governator.

    I also run into Wally Karbo, whom was the Commissioner of the AWA,
    at our local K-mart. He was in the check out line and I axe him “have
    you fined and suspended anyone?” He chuckled, as that was always
    his retort on taking actions against misbehaving wrestlers.

    Wrestling will never be the same again! :<(


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