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“Your ‘Freedom,’ is under constant attack—by envious, unsympathetic intelligences.

They distort and pervert the heart of Freedom— because they seek to rule you, your suffering family, and the world. So, they scheme to extinguish Freedom’s flame, and all it protects and creates.

But Freedom defies destruction.

Freedom needs no assistance.

Freedom once blazed Itself into life out of nothing—and it lit the darkness of an entire continent, and of the world….

Once Upon A Time, A Long Time Ago, Far Away, In America….”

Jeffrey A. Friedberg; April, 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.




Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an unapologetic, right wing, American Jew, and a Deplorable Trump conservative. He believes in the USA, as it was founded in 1776, and in the absolute geniuses and heroes who had pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to create and defend it—a hanging offense, in the day.

At Temple University, during the so-called, “Cold War” he studied both Russian and Nazi propaganda techniques, Korean “brain washng,” and Red Chinese (Mao) Communist Party Structure and operational memoranda.

Friedberg is a former Licensed Private Detective and “secret agent.” He was an undercover operative, and a white collar crime/organized crime investigator. He has also worked homicide investigations, kidnappings, mobile surveillances, highly organized insurance fraud rings, Internet scams, corporate fraud, and virtually all else there was to do as a private eye. This included investigations,  nuclear plant protection, representing  cities, states, police departments, and various district attornies’ departments, and Other.

Friedberg Was an Internet SEO and Website Optimization Guru. And, he was an Internet Consultant at AOL.com

Friedberg was a daily conservative political news columnist at a prominent, internationally-based conservative publication, where he wrote articles ripping today’s lying headlines, scurrilous personalities, nefarious corporations, dictatorial One World schemers, and demented, so-called, “politicians.”

Having chosen to go Lone Wolf—Friedberg now writes here on this site, Rightwingconservativenewsblog.Com

CLICK: Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an acclaimed author of numerous political and sci-fi thriller books