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Is My Family “Diverse?” You Can Bet It Is, On All Sides. Kinda like:


IF I CALL SOMEBODY A “NEGRO,” it’s really the Words Masters I’m after. The bastard monsters of New Speak, who twist and mutate and steal our language, to use it as an extention of their evil, corrupt SYSTEM, in an agenda that is not an American agenda. Like in that book, “1984.”

I’ve seen brainless “news anchors” refer to people in Soweto, Africa, attacking Caucasians, as, “whites attacked by African American males,” because they have zero idea what the hell else to call them, due to brainwashing.

“Negro”is still a word. I don’t care if Geraldo Rivera banned it. The word is in the encyclopedia:


** Oh…and if I should perhaps make remarks, or judgements, or comments,  or Other, about persons, places, things, races, religions, groups, or other—then—Obviously, it would not apply to everybody, or every thing, or every whatever else, in that group or context therein mentioned or referenced. 💕


Hi, kids.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an unapologetic, right wing, Trumper conservative—and a fully Bar Mitzfahed Jew. ✡️

A real Jew. A true Jew.


Friedberg is also of questionably “mixed” heritage.

He loves long walks on the beach, holding hands, cuddling, warm puppies, friendly kitty-cats, women criticizing, female Jewish divorce lawyers, millennials, world peace, liberals, and The Truth (no games!!!), and hates guns!

He is:  sexually straight, once married to a long-haired, “commie,” belly dancer from a Middle East restaurant. But that was after the pro-everything, Socialiste française, chick from whom he was already legally divorced.

(We are not mentioning that thing with the Hollywood stunt woman.)

You could say Friedberg was raised by old time cops, robbers, spies, soldiers-in-funny-hats, philosophical Asian types, Lebanese Mafia, Russians, politicians, working con-men; and con-women.

“Con men,” like, well—maybe, associates of, maybe, Cherry Hill Fats…

…Cherry Hill fats….

Okay, never mind; before your time.

Anyway: Friedberg is in a fantastic state of preservation for his advanced age.

Friedberg’s great grandmother (mother’s grandmother) was a half Ethiopian Jew.



His father’s mother (Mexican grandmother), one day rode a horse into America.



Uncle Maurice was one of the first openly gay men,

And he was always just our Beloved Uncle Maurice.

Maurice Edelstein (left)

Cowboy Blake Williams was my most trusted friend, and a true American Patriot. He was self-described as Gay. He was more Man than most 10 other men.                                            Rest In Peace, EL Blaker, 1958-2017


Friedberg resides in the blazing hot, freezing cold, High Desert basin of New Mexico, among the wild coyotes, scorpions, snakes, and tarantulas, in a pre-fabricated barn from Lowes, with no electricity, water bills, hard-line phone, etc. It’s nice.



KIds, one of the first things you learn as a private eye is that you’re alone.

🤠 YUP….

You don’t belong to a big union, nor do you have the power of the Almighty State behind you, and there is Nobody you can call for “back up.”

There’s no “by the book” way of doing things; you have to make it up each time, as you go along, and you will be made to Pay for any mistakes—if you survive—either by the Opposition, or by the Almighty Sssssstate.

You are ALL alone.

And none of this Liberal bullshit hug-me-kiss-me works. There’s no “show them we mean no harm.” Not in this World.


A kind word and a hug for the opposition won’t do it.

You have to pick the right course every single time. Because they probably want you dead, and you’d maybe want to avoid that.

No mistakes are allowed, vato.

I did it for 35 years. So don’t tell me you know better than me what works and what doesn’t. Just pay attention.

THE DEMENTED DEMOCRATS, the steenking “progressives,” and the rest of these godforsaken liberal bastards—they changed the “civil dialogue,” forever, when their rapist Bill Clinton came in with his ugly, dumbass, domineering wife and their “Arkansas Clinton Thuggery.”

I watched it happen. BY THEIR WORDS AND THEIR OWN OBSCENE TACTICS, they freed the mad-dog, rapist, islamist, racist, marxist, one world “media” to run amok and to lie, scream, bitch, moan, and try to destroy my beloved America.

Now they want to unseat a real man, whom Americans love and lawfully elected.

Well, vatos, it’s just not gonna happen.

And, damn me, yes: I say words like,  “fuck, motherfucker, cunt, twat,” and all the rest of it.


BECAUSE THE FUCKING, CANADIAN, JEWISH, MEDIA-GOD, BILL MAHER, AND THE REST OF THEM ALL DID IT FIRST. They sanctified these words and this speech. If they can do it, so can everybody else, vato.

So, listen up, Pilgrim:

This ain’t no fucking disco….



(Copy>Paste Into Your Mailer)


“Your ‘Freedom,’ is under constant attack—by envious, unsympathetic intelligences.

They distort and pervert the heart of Freedom— because they seek to rule you, your suffering family, and the world. So, they scheme to extinguish Freedom’s flame, and all it protects and creates.

But Freedom defies destruction.

Freedom needs no assistance.

Freedom once blazed Itself into life out of nothing—and it lit the darkness of an entire continent, and of the world….

Once Upon A Time, A Long Time Ago, Far Away, In America….”

Jeffrey A. Friedberg; April, 2017, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.


Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an unapologetic, right wing, Bar Mitzfahed, American Jew, ✡️ and a Deplorable Trump conservative.

He believes in the USA, as it was founded in 1776, and in the absolute geniuses and heroes who had pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to create and defend it—a hanging offense, in the day.

At Temple University, during the so-called, “Cold War” he studied both Russian and Nazi propaganda techniques, Korean “brain washing,” and Red Chinese (Mao) Communist Party Structure and operational memoranda. In 1965 he dropped out for a seat at Holabird, AIT, jump school, and etc. It did not go exactly as planned, but, okay, it all kinda worked out.

Friedberg is now a former Licensed Private Detective and “secret agent.” 

He was an undercover operative, and a white collar crime/organized crime investigator. This included financial, SEC, FCC, and other deep investigation.

He has also worked homicide investigations, kidnappings, mobile surveillances, highly organized insurance fraud rings, Internet scams, corporate fraud, and virtually all else there was to do as a private eye.

This included investigations,  “man-hunter-locate,” nuclear plant protection, representing  cities, states, police departments, nuclear plant related investigations, and representing various district attornies’ departments, and Other.

(Had required DOD clearance at one time, and has worked very closely with police and Federal agencies,  of course.)

Friedberg Was an Internet SEO and Website Optimization Guru, and Internet Marketeer. He was an Internet Consultant at AOL.com. Conversely, he has carried a licensed firearm, in four states, for almost 50 years.

Friedberg is considered a liability expert. This means, when to “hold ’em and when to fold ’em.”

Friedberg was a daily conservative political news columnist at a prominent, internationally-based conservative publication, where he wrote a LOT of articles ripping today’s lying headlines, scurrilous personalities, nefarious corporations, dictatorial One World schemers, and demented, so-called, “politicians.”

Having chosen to “go it alone”—Friedberg now writes here on this site, Rightwingconservativenewsblog.Com

CLICK: Jeffrey A. Friedberg is an acclaimed author of numerous political and sci-fi thriller books

Before Cgi and phony, lying, little little Liberal Shits like Chris Evans, who disgraces the uniform of the former Captain America.


Janis Joplin

Two Still Photos, Followed By YouTube Performance….





That’s all, Kids.

Nyeri-nyeri akumba…