Jewish, Judaeo Archaelogy 🕎 🔍


Evidence of the Jewish People’s Roots in Israel

Archaeological evidence shows that from antiquity to the present Jerusalem has been capital of the Jewish people.


The recent uncovering of gravestone inscriptions in northern Israel provides new evidence of thousands of years of Jewish history in the Land of Israel.


Continuous Jewish Presence in the “Holy Land”



Archaeologists Find First Sign of Jews in Ancient Abila, JordanA menorah carving found in a church provides the first physical evidence of a long-assumed Jewish population in the Hellenistic city.


Archaeology Proves Israel’s Past History


Ancient Papyrus Again Proves Israel’s Biblical History


Archeologists: The Biblical Story Happened Right Here


U.S. Congresswoman: Archaeological Discoveries Prove Jewish Connection to Jerusalem


The Royal Banquet Hall of King Herod the Great in Jerusalem



Rothschild Foundation Investing $27 Million in Caesarea’s Hidden Treasures, Past and Present

Plans to Renovate Ancient Harbor at Caesarea


Innovative Temple Mount Sifting Project Facing Termination over Funding

Temple Mount Sifting Project to Netanyahu: Show Us the Money 💰 

2,000 Year Old Road Excavated near Bet Shemesh

4,000 Years Old Mysterious Tomb with Rock Art Exposed in Upper Galilee


…Please stay tuned for more coming news of Jewish Presence in Israel (the Holy Land)….IMG_8133




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